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CEC Regional Vice-Chairs and Outreach coordinators

What are CEC members doing, and how can you become involved?

In every aspect of society, working better together starts with better listening for real conversation. Networks of people are where the conversation begins. The meeting can be face-to-face in a conference center, on a cell phone or in cyberspace. Internet technologies are opening up tremendous new opportunities for social networking. And there’s more to explore in multi-media and new media for interactive learning.In every region, CEC members are actively engaged in advancing the IUCN vision for conservation and sustainable development. Join CEC in building effective regional networks to catalyze change. 

Please contact the CEC Regional Vice-Chairs and Outreach coordinators in your region.


North Africa West and Central Africa Eastern and Southern Africa
Brahim Haddane Photo: IUCN Tommy Garnett, IUCN CEC Regional VIce Chair Photo: CEC Margaret Otieno Photo: IUCN Photo Library
Brahim Haddane
CEC Regional Vice-Chair
E-mail: Brahim Haddane
Tommy Garnett
CEC Regional Vice-Chair
E-mail: Tommy Garnett
Margaret Otieno
CEC Regional Vice-Chair
E-mail: Margaret Otieno


Mexico, North America and
the Caribbean
Ana Valerie Mandri Rohen    
Ana Valerie Mandri Rohen
Regional Vice-Chair
Email: Ana Valerie Mandri Rohen
Meso and South America    
Ana Julia Gomez Photo: IUCN Photo Library Algredo Galvez Photo: IUCN Victor Hugo Inchausty Photo: IUCN
Ana Julia Gómez
CEC Regional Vice-Chair
Email: Ana Julia Gómez

Alfredo Galvez
Regional Outreach Coordinator
Email: Alfredo Galvez

Victor Hugo Inchausty
Regional Outreach Coordinator
Email: Victor Hugo Inchausty
List of national focal points    


East Asia South and Southeastern Asia West Asia
Hanying Li, IUCN CEC Steering Committee Photo: CEC Balakrishna Pisupati Photo: IUCN Library Firas T. Abd-Alhadi Photo: IUCN
Hanying Li
CEC Regional Vice-Chair
Email: Hanying Li
Balakrishna Pisupati
CEC Regional Vice-Chair
E-mail: Balakrishna Pisupati
Firas T. Abd-Alhadi
CEC Regional Vice-Chair
Email: Firas T. Abd-Alhadi


Europe Eastern Europe and Central Asia  West Europe
Katalin Czippan Photo: Katalin Czippan Alex Zavarzin Photo: IUCN Library
Katalin Czippán
CEC Deputy Chair
Email: Katalin Czippán
Aleksey A. Zavarzin
CEC Regional Vice-Chair
E-mail: Aleksey Zavarzin
Peter Paul van Kempen
CEC Regional Vice-Chair
Email: Peter Paul van Kempen


Sean Southey
CEC Chair
Email: Sean Southey





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