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  • Photo: European Commission

    IUCN welcomes stakeholder paper on SDG implementation in the EU


    The paper, adopted by a diverse range of organisations gathered together under the EU High-Level Multi-stakeholder platform (MSP), presents a range of key areas for the EU in its action on the SDGs. These include ao. increasing policy coherence for...

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    Western gray whales at great risk from salmon nets – IUCN-backed study


    Gland, Switzerland (IUCN) - A new IUCN-backed scientific article published today finds that threatened western gray whales are at “very high risk” of entanglement in coastal salmon nets near Russia’s Sakhalin island, which often leads to their injury or death...

  • apple blossom Photo: Ferenc Barna/Pixabay

    Farming that works with nature is better for all - report


    Agriculture plays a crucial role in European society, securing the production of sufficient and safe food and sustaining viable rural communities. But, as a new IUCN report shows, agriculture depends on nature, for soil fertility, water, pollination, pest...


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