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Protected and conserved areas are the foundation of biodiversity conservation. They safeguard nature and cultural resources, improve livelihoods and drive sustainable development. 

IUCN works to establish best practices and standards that maximise the effectiveness of protected and conserved areas and advances justice and equity in conservation, including the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities. 

In its work on protected areas and conserved areas, IUCN focusses on three key areas:


  • Photo: IUCN-Med

    Abierta la convocatoria para la selección expertos evaluadores de la Lista Verde en España


    El Centro de Cooperación del Mediterráneo de la UICN (UICN-Med) junto con la Comisión Mundial para las Áreas Protegidas (WCPA en sus siglas en inglés) de la UICN ha abierto la convocatoria para seleccionar los candidatos del grupo de expertos de evaluadores...

  • Photo: Grazia Borini Feyerabend

    Dynamic governance model in Ethiopia's Central Highlands


    The Guassa area in Central Highlands of Ethiopia is an excellent example of a dynamic “indigenous community conserved area” (ICCA). IUCN’s Global Protected Areas Programme participated in the first regional meeting of the ICCA Consortium in Africa, held...

  • Aqaba corals in Saudi Arabia Photo: King Abdulaziz University

    Transforming Nature Conservation in Saudi Arabia


    IUCN forms a technical partnership with the Saudi Wildlife Authority to share nature conservation success between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the world.

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