Global Policy

IUCN participates in multilateral processes and international environmental forums to provide policy and technical advice to key stakeholders, associating extensive on-the-ground experience and scientific expertise


How we engage

The decisions taken by IUCN Members at the IUCN World Conservation Congress set the global conservation agenda and guide IUCN’s policy engagements at the local, national and global levels.

With the aim to integrate nature & sustainable development at all levels, IUCN's policy work focusses on 3 key areas:


  • Dyfi valley - wet Photo: Nigel Dudley/Equilibrium Research/WCPA

    Good floods and bad floods


    Nigel Dudley, member of IUCN WCPA, brings to CBD COP14 stories that highlights the importance of protected areas and the services they provide. 

  • Photo: Victoria Romero

    CBD COP14: What is IUCN investing in this meeting and why?


    To mark the opening of the fourteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the CBD (COP14), Cyrie Sendashonga, IUCN Global Director for Policy and Programme shares with us her views on IUCN’s contribution to this meeting

  • Okavango Delta Photo: ©mendelson/shutterstock

    A call from Ramsar COP13 to the Convention on Biological Diversity


    Our challenge to the Convention on Biological Diversity: a call from Ramsar COP13 to embed wetland conservation in the post-2020 biodiversity and sustainable development agendas.

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