Eastern and Southern Africa

The countries of eastern and southern Africa host a vast variety and abundance of the world’s biological and natural resources, including 7 of the world’s biodiversity hotspots.



  • Photo: Siriporn Sriaram, IUCN Thailand

    Marine plastic pollution: A global issue with national and local solutions


    In November 2018, IUCN co-chaired a roundtable on Marine Plastic Pollution: A global issue with national and local solutions at the PEMSEA East Asian Seas (EAS) Congress held in Iloilo, the Philippines.


    A year in images: BIOPAMA 2018


    In 2018, the BIOPAMA programme engaged with a significant number of stakeholders to ensure that BIOPAMA’s activities support the needs of the countries and their actors, as well as assist them in achieving their conservation objectives and international...

  • Photo: Nema Kenya

    National Steering Committee lay groundwork to tackle plastic pollution in Kenya


    In late November 2018, MARPLASTICCs’ Kenya National Steering Committee members came together for the first time in Nairobi, Kenya. The aim was to establish a strategic coalition, discuss project progress, review and adopt the 2018-2020 work plan, and decide...

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