World Heritage

Tim Badman
Director, IUCN World Heritage Programme

Director, World Heritage ProgrammeExpertise: The World Heritage Convention, conservation of geological sites

Language: English, French
Location: Gland, Switzerland


Tim Badman is the Director of IUCN’s World Heritage Programme, and has been senior IUCN spokesperson on World Heritage since 2007. He speaks for IUCN on all matters concerning the World Heritage Convention, including IUCN’s work on monitoring all listed natural sites and evaluating new proposals for World Heritage listing.

The 238 natural World Heritage sites currently listed (in January 2017) represent the world’s most significant protected areas, and these exceptional sites show the ground level realities of global nature conservation. IUCN’s independent monitoring of World Heritage sites celebrates conservation successes and draws attention to the growing threats to these crown jewels of conservation, such as extractive activities, dams, illegal wildlife trade, conflict and the basic needs for support for the protected area staff at the sharp end. IUCN is the official adviser to the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, so is also a keen observer of the politics behind the Convention, and the challenges to maintain the high standards of credibility that underpin the World Heritage brand name.

Tim joined IUCN having worked as team leader of the Dorset and East Devon Coast World Heritage Site, UK. His role culminated in inscription of the site on the World Heritage List in 2001, and the subsequent development of the World Heritage programme on-site. He has been involved in many World Heritage site evaluation and monitoring issues globally.

Tim also speaks for IUCN on the special challenges of conserving geological sites, including those sites that protect the most exceptional fossil remains of life on Earth.


Cyril F. Kormos
IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas Vice Chair for World-Heritage

Cyril KormosExpertise: protected areas, wilderness law and policy, world heritage, climate policy, forestry policy, biodiversity offsets, conservation finance and extractive industries.

Language: English, French
Location: Berkeley, California, U.S.A.


Cyril Kormos is Vice-Chair for World Heritage of the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas (IUCN-WCPA) and Vice-President for Policy at The WILD Foundation.

He conducts research and advocacy work on a range of conservation-related issues, currently focusing on biodiversity offsets and their application in developing countries, forestry policy - especially as it relates to REDD+ and climate policy - World Heritage and Protected Areas, including in particular wilderness areas. He also sits on the Executive Committee for the World Wilderness Congresses and serves as an associate editor for the International Journal of Wilderness. He is Vice Chair for World Heritage on the IUCN-WCPA Steering Committee, member of the editorial board for IUCN-WCPA’s Parks magazine and member of the IUCN-WCPA Wilderness Specialist Group.


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